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28 June
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I love writing and love reading other people's fanfictions. Probably my most favourite genre - if it can be called a genre - is the wonderful BROMANCE <3 ;) Love it. Any guy friendship, father/son, big brother/little brother, mentor/protégé relationships makes me squee with excitement ;) I nearly always form an unnatural attatchment to the younger of the relationship, and inevitably end up hurting them in some way so they can be looked after - usually 'reluctantly' at first but then ending up showing how much they care :3
I also have a fanfic.net account - Phoenix on cloud nine :) Even if you don't like the fics, my favourites list is good if you enjoy the same bromantic fics as I do :)
Most recent love is 'Suits' on the USA Network. Of course, the bad thing is that I have to watch it online and can't get the DVDs until something daft like next year. Why does it take longer to be released in the UK?